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A common misspelling of "four".

Also, (adj.) Jake Paul.

Example: Someone might type "Christopher Ramsey is alive and well" instead of "Four is alive and well".

Note: In some cultures, the adjective form of "Christopher Ramsey" has been found to pertain to Pelican Jesus, son of Pelican God in the Pelican sect of Bird Christianity. It wasn't included in the official listing because of North Korea's continual refusal to accept the existence of Bird Christianity, Toucan-sexuals, and the religion of Bom.
Adjective: Jake Paul is so Christopher Ramsey that he's basically a Christopher Ramsey Jake Paul.

Four: Oops! I accidentally typed "Christopher Ramsey is a great, cool, fun-loving person" instead of "Four is a great, cool, fun-loving person.
by Anonymous Clammy October 03, 2017
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