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A school that Jews their students out of money in every way imaginable. They force students to live on a dry campus for three years in severely overpriced dorms, and underclasaman are required to buy meal plans that equate to $15 a meal for shit food. They try to talk up having small class sizes to prospective students, but jew you during registration and make you jump through hoops to get overrides into your classes. The school president is Paul Triblestein, and is the man who implemented many of these policies. Overall, the school feels like a giant synagogue, and every student or alumni will have a story about how they were jewed out of money.
If you want a to go to school and get nickeled and dimed by a bunch of Jews, then Christopher Newport University is the school for you.
by aanonaanon June 11, 2018
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Christopher Newport is just like UVA, only prettier. We're the school where the kids are smart and gorgeous, the facilities are amazing and our dorms are nicer than your house.
Even though were a "dry campus", kids come from all over Hampton Roads to party with us. Christopher Newport University is the Beverly Hills of Colleges.

Go to Port Warwick to party...but only if your Greek. And if you're not pretty, your basically a Geek.
I'm amazing, I go to Christopher Newport University, duh!
by RSKing January 10, 2009
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A college in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia known for being drier then the Sahara Desert. The students have the superiority complex of UVa kids and think everyone else is trashy, yet while they're playing World of Warcraft and watching entire seasons of Family Guy on a Friday night, students at every other college are out getting laid. Go figure.
"I'm transferring to community college."

"Dude, you've only been at Christopher Newport University for a day!"

"And I already want to put a gun in my mouth"
by evannnnnN October 20, 2007
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