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A holiday celebrated on December 23, involving a gathering of old friends at one person's house.

Festivities include a white elephant gift exchange with the ability to "steal" gifts via keg stand duels.

Game play: Once the first player opens a gift, each subsequent player has the option to (1) keep the gift they unwrap or (2) challenge another player to a keg stand duel to steal his or her previously unwrapped gift.

Keg stand duels must be observed and counted by all party participants using the following phrase; "Christmaxx 1...Christmaxx 2...Christmaxx 3...etc."

The counting continues until each participant cannot consume any more beer. The winner is determined based on the highest "Christmaxx" count. Ties result in repeating the process above until a winner is determined.

The winner of the duel gets to keep the challenged gift while the loser gets the unwanted item. Gifts may be challenged more than once during the evening.

"I think I blacked-out at Christmaxx last night."

"I can't believe you stole her potato gun at Christmaxx."
by visattaq November 24, 2008
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