White Elephant gift is that 'something unusual' you purchased, or were given, that has value to someone, somewhere. You've never used but can't throw it away. It is wrapped or rewrapped and given away
White elephant gifts could include dime store perfumes, last years calendar, diapers when you don't have kids, an ashtray but you don't smoke, etc.
by G'ma November 24, 2013
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A way to royally screw over your friends...especially 2 Pump Chump...by taking away all the gifts he desperately wanted and giving him a Sex Yoga Mat so he could go home and get lucky with his wife but be incredibly jealous of all the alcohol he missed out on!!!!!
After showing up to a White Elephant gift exchange with a spectacular gift for his friends, Leonard had all of his gifts stolen from him because his friends couldn't open up their own gifts, so he ended up with a yoga mat and a hangover.
by J Money Money December 14, 2016
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