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Grimmie was an talented singer and YouTuber better known as "Zeldaxlove64". In July 17, 2009 her friend, Lauren Longo, posted a cover of Grimmie singing at the age 15, Grimmie later got noticed and a tons of people started to subscriber her, and She started to call them frands, but she then gave them a name "Team Grimmie". Grimmie loved and cared about her fans so much, She didn't want them to make bad decisions or hurt themselves because that will hurt her, She even said in a video of hers saying " the reason I've got this far, because of you guys, you guys have supported me so much and in thankful and grateful to have you guys, you are a family to me and I care & love you guys so much, keep rawwking, Team Grimmie Rawwks."
Grimmie released 3 albums.
Unfortunately in June 10, 2016 Grimmie was shot and kill in one of her concerts, An insane fan went up to her, Grimmie as always sweet and happy, open her arms and she was expecting a hug, but the fan then shot her 3 times, Mark Grimmie tackled the fan to protect the others, he saved a tons of lives but the only life that he didn't save, was his baby sister, Grimmie was sent to the hospital fast, but tragic news, Grimmie has passed away at the 22. Since that day Team Grimmie been Staying Strong and keeping her legacy going, Grimmie family been having rough time still, so pray for them still.
Grimmie you'll be missed deeply and will not be forgotten, we promise you. 💚
March 12th 1994 - June 10th 2016 - ∞
We lost an talented and beautiful angel that day named, Christina V. Grimmie.
May you Rest In Peace angel.
by Team Grimmie December 26, 2016
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