The tiniest, dreamiest Korean this side of the Rio Grande
Ever so lovely
An enchantress
A goddess
Will speed your heart up
A blackened heart, plated in gold
Stellar aesthetic
That of perfection, like Christina Pearl Sparks
by BeauManly September 1, 2021
'a thousand years' by christina perri, is a song that is about loving someone for literally a thousand more. this song is from the original soundtrack of 'twilight - breaking down'. it is inspired by the relationship of the fictional characters: bella and edward.
christina perri wrote 'a thousand years' with david hodges.
in ‘twilight - breaking down pt. 2' christina perri wrote more lyrics for the song, so it would shows up in the end of the saga. the name is 'a thousand years - pt. 2 (feat steven kazee)
the first part of the song (and most famous) was released in 2011, having 1 billion views on youtube (in 2021). and the second, was released in the next year
i love the song the song: a thousand years by christina perri
by lemongirlma November 23, 2021
An adorable girl you want to marry.
"She was my Christina Grimmie."
by The Wild Weston March 3, 2022
She is truly a one of a kind, someone who is indescribable by just issuing adjectives. Christina Bruno is so talented, gorgeous, exotic, loving, caring and all around just a perfect person. I don’t know what anyone would be able to do without her loving affection whenever they are down. She is so sweet and cares for everyone first before herself. This is only a small portion to the description but I don’t believe anyone reading this can be deemed worthy of reading the rest.
Wow look how perfect Christina Bruno is!
by Gorgeous, Perfect, Exotic September 14, 2019