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Rebellious no just really stubborn
Stands up for what she believes kn cause she believe in it.

Doesn't care how much people talk she keeps her opinions hers
Hates bad people ,stubborn people (stubborn for the wrong reason).
Hates traitors ,gossipers, people who stand for wrong , society.

Cute, sweet, selective, trusworthy, but not trusting, protective, fighter, dreamer, leader, different cause she doesnt advertise it.. it just happens to be her but she hides it.. sad but tearless.. popular but lonely. Complicated. Different.
Christille is something special and she'll be something big.
by SecretWings March 31, 2018
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Loves attention dislikes people
Optimistic because of will power, pessimistic because of Intelligence.
Qualifies as one the Dominant-critical people
Not usually a people person
Patient but ill tempered, I guess it really just depends.
One In a world her name meaning Christ and Steel, and in that way being pronounced almost french like(kris-teel)
Business centered
Once popular, once known..
Twice forgotten
Born in America

American father
Filapina mother
German surname

Passion for art in every form , business, sucess, friends, family, strong sarcasm, and revenge..
Christille a different girl from an island,from texas, always the 'New Girl'.
by SecretWings March 31, 2018
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