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A character created by the youtuber, "KelThuzadMadness", is based on the Sniper class of Team Fortress 2. Wielding weapons varying from a Homewrecker to the Scotsman's Skullcutter to his infamous Tribalman's Shiv, this RED Sniper is known to go off killing members of the BLU team, and his own comrades as well as members of Freak Fortress 2.

Always enters while suspended upside down with his radio tuned to 85.2, playing his theme song, "Millionaires Holiday", and receiving a Crit as he falls down. After referencing mssnor's, "Sniper is Genius," he goes off murdering the people around him, decapitating them to experiment with their corpse. He is known to have a one-side friendship with a RED Spy, always denying the fact he puts blood on his suit.
why the hell is he christian?
"Mmm...just like Christmas morning"

-Christian Brutal Sniper
by FLboi096 June 27, 2010
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