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A Christian Goth Is In Fact A True Goth. No Lies! A True Goth Is Not A Satanist, Or Even Aethiest, Pagan, Or Any Other Religion. A True Goth, Which I Will Now Be Calling a goth, as that is what thye are, is, theologically speaking, a christian, or at least a christian subculture or cult. the religion/beliefs that they often have are based on the foundamental princepals of the story of the fall of mankind in genisis (thats the first book in the bible for all you dumbassess); when eve ate from the tree of knowledge, and gave adam its forbidden fruit as well, and ever since then, mankind has been sinful and dark, as illistrated through their dress sense. they then take the belief that no matter what a man/women may do, she/he will never gain a place in heaven unless they choose to accept Jesus Christ as their saviour and as the messiah. the third, and final primary belief of goths is heavily based around the apocalypse (end of the world; again for all you dumbassess) and that the tribilutaion (time of hardship and persecution for christians) will come, and no man, no matter what their beliefs, christian or not(a typical christian belives that before the tribulation they will ascend/transcend (ascend=rise to heaven, transcend=just disappear in this wortld and appear in heaven) beore the birth of the antichrist)
But over time, as christianity has become more and more disliked, the fashion has shifted to those who just like the look and share no beliefs of a true goth, they just claim to be goths as they have no better name for themselves...
Therfor, a mordern "typical" goth is not a goth at all, they are just a fallasees and so should be refered to as something other than a goth, it is however, Christian Goths who are the true goths, and so should be referred to as goths, not "christian goths"

oh and if you have doubts on what i have said here, ask yourself this...
why in Gods name would 13th century chruches be referred to as gothic churches (as well as buildings of that time, they all have the gothic style archetecture)
False Goth; I Hate christ, I hate God, I hate Christians
Random Clever Kid On The Street; You Moron! You Know Nothing About What You Claim To BE For You Have Just Stated one of the most widely used oxymorons in the world, fucking ignorant arsehole, a true goth, is a christian goth!
by TheMeaning August 20, 2006
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A Goth who believes Jesus is the son of God and everything else Christianity believes.

The good Christian Goths are the ones who are true to their faith and live their life as their beliefs entail.
The bad type of "Christian Goth," is one who tries to push other Goths into becoming Christian or worse is a (fake) "Goth" only because they want to convert others to Christianity. Mainly by either starting up a "Christian Goth band" or sponsoring an event that seems Goth oriented, but the unwilling victim doesn't know he/she is going to a Christian evangelism event until they walk into the place.
Real Christian Goth: "I might be depressed, but at least I believe in God and live my life right, and I am not going to push others into my beliefs but only lead by example."

Fake "Christian Goth": "Alright, how many new people we got at 'Damnation Fest' tonight? Eight? That's great, the new flier design worked and none of them suspected at all! Soon they will listen to some "Goth Music" about Jesus, and then we will give them some pamphlets warning them that they must become "Christian Goths" or burn in hell.
by DJ Argus August 08, 2007
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Yes They exist!
OK like, you believe in Jesus is the only way to get saved and you aren't like a hypocrite or anything and You have the same religion as other true christians and you can still keep the blue hair,safet pins, trenchcoat, spikes,chains, dog collar,hot topic's apperal, boots, peircings,eyeliner,white make-up...etc!
Goth#1: Hey man, i'm going to a medium tonight want to come?
Goth#2: Nah way, Zues, I'm a christian goth.I got church Want to come?
Goth#1 sure.
by marie Jimenez September 16, 2005
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a fake ass person who say's there goth even though its very much impossible to be both christian and goth. christians beleive in organised religion and hate homosexual's where as a true goth is open minded and not held back by dumb ass fundimentilist bullshit. christians beleive rock music is evil so they made there own lame-ass christian goth rock ! yay jesus ! fuck that ! they think there so cool because they dress in black when they dont realize there poser's because there religion holds them back from being a true goth.
christian goth: hey guys lets go sit in the back of the church and praise jesus !
christian goth 2: ya praise jesus guys !

real goth: wtf ? you are poser's stop trying to be cool and fuck off your religion and people ruin everything you make me look stupid.

christian goth: we are real goth's you homo god hates you !

real goth: good im glad because he is not real fuck get a life poser's
by nakoma September 09, 2006
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Christian + Goth = Christian Goth.

I don't understand. If you are truly walking with God, why would you want to engage in a lifestyle that glorifies darkness?
by aishtamid September 08, 2006
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