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The christian council is a pretentious group of over-bearing, holier than you, bigoted religious pricks which inhabits The Bahamas. Not onyl do they fidn it necessary to meddle in social affairs not concerning them (theyre trying to currently out-law homosexuality, because it is mentioned in a foot note in the bible, unbelivable, right?) but they also feel the need to meddle in politics, making sure that every Prime Minister in office, is not only overtly christian, to the point that it is sickening, but also that he will serve as their obidient lap dog, if anything life threatening, comes along, like, oh lets say... a gay cruisel ine should happen to dock here? (this happened once, and the stupid twats went to the dock and protested that they leave.....single most embarrassing day to live in this country throughout history....)
Carl: hey, i heard they banned across the universe from coming here?
Ben: Yeah, it was those christian council guys, thank goodness theyre protecting us from anything they deem unfit, im so glad they have our government in a strangle-hold. :)
by Jesus was emo. October 02, 2007
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