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Guy that runs a FaceBook page/account under the same name. He works at McDonalds and can often be mistaken for Sanji from the anime "One Piece" due to his beard and hairstyle resembling the character. He is well known by many in the FaceBook community for his witty puns and jokes, rants/discussions involving Japanese anime and manga, and founding the two FaceBook groups, "2D is the way to be" and "Church of Lewds", which showcase non-pornographic yet erotic girls from cartoons and video games, and essentially the pornographic version of the aforementioned genre, respectively. Some of his most memorable catchphrases are, "I'm pussy?", "Dio Brando did nothing wrong", "Your gonna regret unfrindending me :/", and "this dick". He is overall a very funny guy, who's just an average joe like the rest of us, struggling to overcome the hardships of middle-class white society. He can sometimes become depressed easily, but that doesn't matter because his loyal followers can always cheer him up. Unlike most butthurt fandom elitists, Chris is able to openly admit the flaws and downsides of the franchises that he admires, always trying his best to be objective during his discussions. He had even admitted to having some traits of a weaboo despite not being one. He's good natured, sometimes too good natured, and often he becomes self-depreciating and often spirals into depression. The only way to get on his bad side is to give too much shit to Naruto or JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
Chris Ferguson was all pissed off last night because too many people were commenting on his push-up challenge video, in which they all demanded to get nudes of his sweet booty.
by Noushbag May 27, 2015
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