To makes plans or decisions and not follow through and/or cancel on others who are waiting and/or depending on the person
It's my birthday so you better not chris out on me. Everybody is going.
by mister magic August 5, 2010
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1.Let's blow this crackstand and get the chris out!

2.Dude i'm tired of this, chris out.
by Chris Lu October 31, 2006
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When your banging a girl from on top, and then get off and proceed to jerk it as if to nut on her face, Then you quickly turn around, and surprise her with poop instead and then beat the crap out of her while calling her Rihanna.
Bitch, you'd better shut the f**k up or you'll get a rolling chris brown out!
by Chris brown out August 1, 2011
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When anything is hit or smashed with a hammer and or a fist and or a Royer composit toe work boot.

Or you throw an office chair over head across the room.
When your out of beer you may have a Chris Brandon freak out.
by Snopro March 1, 2015
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