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Chris Crockin'. A term used to tell someone to stop bitching or ranting on like a stupid mofo on and on. Can be used when your friend is ranting to you about something stupid or if your enemy is bitching at you about something.
Example #1:

Ashley: Oh my god! I hate the Jonas Brothers, they're so gay! I hate their fans, I hate their music, I hate...

Chris: Bitch, shut the hell up. I don't care, stop Chris Crockin' me!

Example #2:

Monique: IS YOU CHEATIN' ON ME? I know you is cheatin' on me, I saw them thongs under our bed. Who you sleepin' with?

Darnell: WOMAN, shut the hell up! You is crazy! You is Chris Crockin' me, STOP IT!
by Rin Akimoto March 29, 2009
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