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Guitar player for Jag Panzer, Megadeth, and touring guitarist for Nevermore

Also known as The Master of the Finger tap, God of the shred, Sweep Master General, Gods Right Handed Handy Man.

Best Guitarist ever...hands down
Last night I was listing to Jag Panzers "Thane to The Throne" and I heard Chris Brodericks solos, and I thought to my self, he is the Sweep Master General, and the Master of Tap.

I'd kill to play like him
by Panzerfan April 07, 2009
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Current guitar player for megadeth. Not only does Chris play guitar, but he also likes to keep in shape. After shredding his audiences into spontaneous combustion and eating all of their souls for breakfast, Chris likes to lift weights. Always looking for a way to save money, Chris usually stabs his neighbors with a pole until it is heavy enough for him to lift. Chris uses ibanez guitars and engl amps, as anything less would literally turn into dust with one look from his fierce, laser beam eyes.
My friend went to a Megadeth show, and Chris Broderick played so fast that the first five rows died! Then he ate them. Whole.
by KBlikesmen May 10, 2010
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