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The word chotchie (chotch for short) can be used to describe a male that fits into any one of the following categories:
1. Someone that is oblivious to the obvious
2. Has no sense of style
3. Pursues a woman who is way out of their league
4. Trying to be someone he's not

Chotchie can also be defined as a PC version of douche bag.

chotchified - Someone or a situation that has been influenced by a chotchie.

chotchorific - A very chotchie individual or situation
Christian is wearing an Ed Hardy shirt, jeans, hat and shoes. What a chotch! or Christian looks like a chotchie in that outfit.

I practically made out with someone else right in front of Skyler, and he is still asking me out. What a chotchie/chotch!

Ben came to the beach party wearing a sweater-vest and slacks, what a chotch. Ben has just chotchified the party with that outfit.

Could Also be used to describe a material object that a chotchie or chotch would have. "Dude, that sweater is so chotchie!"
by adubsinthehouse April 16, 2010
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