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Is a red cheeked cuddly character.

He is well mannered and tempered until he reaches his limit.

Not to be taken for anymans fool the Choppington , however docile in appearance and speed can be quite the tricky customer.

In its native habitat the Choppington can belch for extended periods of time at audacious volume to attract a mate.

As a pack animal the Choppington will rarely hunt or gather food he much prefers his bomb disposal sammies.
Fucksake the STI has my cock redder than a Choppington cheek
by Stickyballsack October 05, 2017
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choppington is a small shit hole in north east england, the population mainly consists of inbred mutants who feed off the spunk produced by bulls. Inbreeding is a big problem in this area and 4/5 kids have more than 4 limbs. No other creature lives witin 50 miles of choppington, mainly because of the smell, but also vicious rapings which happen often in the area.
'choppington' a real horrible place
by sam plank January 11, 2012
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