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1. A Laotian-Korean person who had immigrated to Canada
2. A short person with an unnaturally small penis
3. A person who had only encountered vagina through pornography
4. A sophist who also excels at trolling
5. A silver leaguer on League of Legends that makes fun of bronze leaguers
1. To talk excitedly about video games with a lisp
2. To win a bronze medal against two other competitors
N1:"Look at that choongil on world vision. I feel bad for him. Let us donate."
N2: "Did you know that Mike is a choongil? His penis is 3 inches hard."
N3: "Jason was a choongil; he does not know what his girl's vagina really looks like."
N4: "You're such a choongil, hyung. You are a fucking troll."
N5: "Ahn was being a choongil yesterday: making fun of his friends for being a bronze leaguers.
"Wow. Kim was really choongiling yesterday over skype. Look at how the microphone is covered in his spit"
"I won a bronze medal boys! I feel like a choongil!"
by Quiznatodd Bidness December 30, 2013
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