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Verb, niki for short. Being duped -- as in deceived and manipulated -- by a woman, particularly a whore or prostitute. Typically, the perpetrator has many boyfriends and at least one husband at any given time; chances are that she is also a drug addict. The victims are often unsuspecting men under her spell. They would lease apartments under their name where the perpetrator would use them for receiving shipments of illegal drugs, running brothels, or other illegal activities, or all of the above. For the case of the perpetrator being an undocumented sex-worker, the victim may even be duped into providing her with legitimacy and financial support by marrying her in exchange for free sex. When the the victim is no longer useful or becoming a liability, the duped is dumped.

Noun, the act of choompunikking or the state of being choompunikked.
"Hey, dude. I be choompunikked again."

"Dude, so you been duped by Niki too, huh? You so lucky them cops didn't get you like they did me."

"Dude, duped and dumped nonethless." :(
by Nemo Goes to CVS July 22, 2008
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Noun. A live-in prostitute; a whore who provides sexual service in exchange for financial support, legitimacy, protection from law enforcement, some of the above, or all of the above. The state of having a live-in prostitute.

Verb. To acquire the service of a choompunik. To enjoy the benefits of a having a choompunik.
Happy john: Dude, I choompunikked a choompunik. I be choompunikking everyday, dude, I be so choompunikked.

Jealous john: Dude. . .
by All Choomped Out August 28, 2008
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Noun. A covered BJ technique claimed to be developed by a prostitute and taught to her colleagues whereby the condom is placed inside her mouth and unrolled while doing a BJ. An unsuspecting newbie john will think that he is getting an uncovered BJ.

Verb. To perform a choompunik.
Happy john: Dude, I got a super wicked gnarly BJ from Niki last night.

Skeptical john: Are you sure she didn't give you a choompunik?

Happy john: You mean Niki choompunikked me. Wacky nakbut lame, dude!
by choompu August 23, 2008
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