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Noun, verb,adjective.
Feces, poop, shit, the act of taking a shit, something displeasureable, to describe some thing as not good. The worst physical outcome for any and all of your hopes and dreams.
"Dad please pull over the car at this gas station, I've been constipated for a week and Kinney fucked me in the ass good and hard last night, long of the short his dick acted like a plunger to my clogged up drainsnight, and if you don't pull over right now, I'm going to CHONO my pants"
by wormactual January 08, 2015
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A 15 year old Hispanic girl who Renz wants to bring to homecoming but is actually a fat guy in California. Or a Korean Girl
Renz asks John to homecoming, he is a chono
by heheheRenz September 03, 2013
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