Loosely united by the common animus against the Chinese Communist Party and certain oppressive or ignorant elements ingrained in the Chinese culture itself (aka. Zhixing, 支性), members of the Chinese-speaking subreddit ChonglangTV share their thoughts, jokes, and popular videos, which of course could be NSFW, to cope with the cruelty of the present-day world.

The sub's name is derived from the famous Japanese painting The Great Wave off Kanagawa, and Chonglang is a Chinese phrase that means surfing. Members often refer to themselves as 浪人 (lit. Ronin), 神友 (lit. Friend of Kanagawa), or 鼠人 (lit. Ratman, because they empathize with rats). Naturally, members of this sub show great fondness of Japan and seek to emigrate from China.

More often than not, they would take on a playfully sarcastic tone, hoping to achieve what is known as 节目效果 (lit. theatrical effects), as opposed to Pincong (品葱), a Chinese dissident site that offers serious discourse on Chinese and to a lesser extent global political affairs of drastically varying quality. Tankies/CCP simps of r/gendezong and r/sino, as well as the pseudo-moderate majority of r/china_irl are despised and ridiculed in equal measure. They don't take other kinds of cringe too kindly either.

Zhang Xianzhong (张献忠), a brutal peasant-turned-warlord during the end of Ming Dynasty is the most frequently discussed figure. A recent infighting about mod policies resulted in the formation of sister subs such as r/CLTV and r/ChonglangZedong.
Hey look! Another eunuch from r/china_irl graces ChonglangTV with their most refined comment!

- Just another holier-than-thou Gaohua as usual lol. Let's downvote his ass into oblivion. Where do you think today's Xianzhong event is gonna happen btw?
Better be at the Tiananmen Square.
by DragonofSoCal June 4, 2021
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The subreddit r/chonglangtv is a safe space for mainland chinese that share a love for funny videos, anime, hentai. but mostly hentai.
Yo i saw this nsfw post on chonglangtv, i was hoping for a funny video but it was just some cartoon porn.
by heijingcha May 17, 2021
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