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A complex gene which can only be located in every second generation of the great humanitarian gifts.A chompa is therefore only found in men which signifies for their greatness in their later lives.Chompalompas is like the avatar which is the power is a reencarnation of a powerful tool.The chompalian gene builds the glands of the penis.Reports and close studies over the years have shown that the chompalompas develops from the ages 5-19 and it is at it's largest at age 20.The chompalian gene cannot be genetically engineered but only can be inherited.Thus the Chompalompas size ranges from 7 cm to 20 cm in a lifetime.The Chompalompas is well known for it's killing abilities where it stretches the fibromuscules of the vagina into ripping and tearing apart thus leading to death of bleeding.
Chuck Norris
Sebastian Bach
and many other Avatars of this great spectale of Chompalompas
by The 7th Chompalompas May 29, 2011
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