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A chomlette is a delicious omlette using a toping of crunched up cheetos (whichever variety you prefer). This type of food is usually eaten by students who do not know how to cook or are too poor to afford anything more than these basic items.

*Note this is also the favourite food of Felicia Day.
(Reference mega64 Microsoft keynote)
''Hey Bro, whats for dinner? ... Chomlette!''

''Hey dude we only got eggs and Cheetos left...Thats cool, i'll make a Chomlette!''
by Mr. Grumpy Gills July 15, 2009
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A chomlette is a chin-omlette. Two balls are placed on a girls chin with a usually messy result that resembles an egg yoke. a whomlette is another variation.
I gave that girl a chomlette on her chin after she bobbed on my man pole.
by sloppy April 18, 2005
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