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When you aren't pretending to be stupid.
Guy 1: I lost my passport guys!
Guy 2: Have you looked in your jacket?
Guy 1: Yes.
*Finds passport in jacket*
Guy 1: Oh, it was in my jacket.
Guy 2: LOL Cho Moment!
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by Father Jerome May 14, 2018
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grabbing random people while singing asian music then stopping, start humming then repeating the process.
look at Loretta, she's having a complete Cho moment !
by ohaitherejada October 24, 2011
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Any moment when one acts like Chosie Kwon (the famous Irish/German/Filipino/Black/Korean web sensation).

Such acts can be
1) saying a Korean word rather than an English one in a English convo.... aka fob talk
2) when upset ranting in Korean
3) talking about G-Dragon
4) posting WAY TOO MUCH Korean related stuff on Facebook
5) wearing her signature hair style the "poofs"
1) Cho - "I was like OMO wae so babo"
2) ktnjhtkghjhjtvbyhi
4) .... just friend her on Facebook to see... you will know after you do
5) once again... add her on one of her VERY many sites

How to use in a sentence

"omg did you see that girl?"
"she so just had a cho moment"
by rawrmamabaybayboo October 26, 2011
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An event that is all about the attention whore even though it's obviously not about the attention whore. An awkwardly embarrassing publicity event, often with pizza or donuts, where no one eats the donuts and the pizza goes cold and rubbery waiting for a taker. A regularly scheduled event at Chaparral High School.
Only a Chaparral High School Principal with self grandeur issues could find a way to turn the RedForEd Walkin in to her Chomoment.
by Ross@SUSD May 28, 2018
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