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In South Africa, a person of either gender of mixed racial heritage (previously known as "Coloured")

Mainstreamed from South African gay slang (Gayle)
Patricia de Lille is one sassy Chlora.

- Is this dude a pale nigga or a whitey with a tan?

- Neither, he's Chlora
by Polly Glot December 08, 2010
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noun; she's got like that sassy black grandma-that-can-burn-you-with-the-wink-of-an-eye-woman that when she talks is kinda hard to understand but you know you better not mess with it.... like honey on toast with capers.
dude, i tried to get away with something, but i totally just got chlora-ed. that's a challenging one.
by super luper April 22, 2010
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