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A Korean - Japanese name for a girl. People with this name are most likely to be the most energetic, happy, bubbly and lively people around and also don't let others be sad. They appear to confident but get shy easily.
Person 1 : Did you see Chiya today?
Person 2: Oh you mean the super active person in the hallway?
Person1: Yeah.

Person 2: she went to the library.
by Karaharr September 13, 2017
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a blonde or vague person who's actually quite smart, but not in terms of common sense

can also be a chiya moment if someone overshares personal information
Murry: "would you quit it with your chiya moments?! Everyone's gonna think you're dumb"


Dave: "that was the best poo of my life, i swear i feel so light i could run a marathon, i lost easily 2kg"
by Phoenix Ayihc August 10, 2007
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