–adjective (Colombian Spanish).
1. Someone who does chirri things or chirrideces.
2. A person that doesn´t care too much about the future, sometimes ending up having lots of fun.
3. A word to refer to pussy in Spain.
guy1 - I think I´ll hit on that girl over there
guy2 - are you kidding me man? she´s really ugly!
guy1 - yes I know, but I don´t care, I´m drunk and horny
guy2 - don´t be such a chirri!
by chirriman December 4, 2010
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A fun-loving, extroverted, talented, cheerful, positive guy who cares about his friends and families. Having the joy to be in his circle would mean that you're very lucky to be his friends. Chirri is from Colombia and it means happiness..
I'm so Chirri that everyone came to my party.
by Chirri December 29, 2011
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spanish: for hot looking chicks. that are a notch above, the average girl
"damn, those chirris look fly! I'm going to marry her."
by bren007 March 14, 2003
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