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A teenager or early adult with an asain background that likes to get intoxicated with alcohol and drugs weekly or sometimes daily. Also, tends to have sexual intercourse with younger girls.
Stop trying to bang my sister Chinto!
by Chris Potters August 17, 2007
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This is a guy that is an overall amazing person. You are lucky if you even have him as a friend. But he's an even better Boyfriend. He's a sweetheart, is funny, a dork, is caring, and loves being w/ you. He'll treat you like your his everything. Everytime your w/ him you can't help but get butterflies. He is a greattttt kisser. He's the type of guy that you want to bring home to your parents and family. He's the type of guy you want to show off to the world. He's the type of guy who can be your best friend and your boyfriend. He's the type of guy that you know you can count on for anything. His big white beautiful smile will definitely make your day. He's the kind of guy that you can look up to and feel is a good example for you. He's a guy that would do anything just to see you for half an hour. He's the guy you could imagine being a picture perfect husband and father someday. He's a great soccer player. He's mexican and comes from a great family. He's handsome. His hugs are so warm and comforting. His kisses leave you wanting more. And when he looks at you, you just melt in his arms. He's someone you'll never want to lose. He's one guy you won't be able to help but falling in love with.
Ahhh did you see Chinto?
Yeahh, man I wish he was my boyfriend!
by kat052210 October 19, 2010
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