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What people on the internet magazines call the overrated, self-absorbed "actress", Jennifer Aniston, who's chin in MASSIVE with a huge head that is too big for her body, has a broad nose, small rounded, beady eyes that have an inward curl, no cheekbones (Her face is FLAT!), and an okay-shaped body. A complete butterface! Other nicknames are Jawnifer, Jennifer Anusstain
Chinnifer Maniston is too busy feeling sorry for her pampered self to consider the suffering of those with REAL problems while Brad and Angelina are helping those in need!
by fags-in-the-shower May 09, 2006
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A derogatory nickname for the talented actress Jennifer Aniston which is widely used by less talented individuals who are envious of Aniston's facial beauty, general physique and successful career, in an attempt to belittle her attractive heart-shaped face and straight nose.
I hope Chinnifer Maniston got the hate mail I sent her last week.
by neonpink August 25, 2010
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