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The second level of chinese burn game. If one surpasses the pain of the first level (the twisting of forearm), then level two is where the person is truly tested if they have the heart and mind of Bruce Lee. As the title implies, chinese nipples involve the nipples, whereby it is pulled and twisted. If one successfully overcame the test of heart then the test of mind shall initiate instantaniously. This part involves the caressing of the nipples, the person must NOT enjoy this or else they fail level 2 and must take level 1 before initiating this level again.
Guy1 : (brief epiphany) whoa....I...think I'm the next Bruce Lee.

Guy2: dude...go for the chinese test...oh...and watch out for the secong level: chinese nipples

Guy1: ye...ok...there's not a moment to waste!
by Jan Nam. October 07, 2010
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