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Any number of accidents that can occur from a state of being extremely relaxed, otherwise known as chillaxed. Chillaxation can be achieved by numerous methods, although the most common generally involve depressants or downers, or combinations of said intoxicants. Common examples of chillaxidents include: wetting oneself while half awake from Vicodin/alcohol combo, pooping in a hot tub due to an overly chillaxed state, letting loose a massive fart whilst under the hands of a beautiful masseuse, and falling off your barstool after a Xanax and a couple margaritas. Sadly, chillaxidents can sometimes be fatal.
Wow, I was so high on Molly and Xanax that I peed myself while dancing with that girl, and didn't even know it! That was a top notch chillaxident!
by Nathanialowl November 01, 2013
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