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A term used to describe several cultural social sytems endemic to Chile and other parts of South America.

1) Having common expectations to learn that common is extravagent.

2) Getting screwed over by lack of attention to detail or generalized 'not giving a fuck' in Chile.

3) When standardized walking patterns are not followed by any segment of the polulation; right hand side, left hand side or middle, it's all the same.
Def 1: (en Espanol) Customer: Can I please get a coffee (cafe del dia) with no room.
(en Espanol) Starbucks Employee: We don't have any coffee.

(in English) Customer Friend: She just chilazed the fuck out of you.
(in English) Customer: Chilazed again!

Def 3: I keep getting Chilazed by these fuckers like 5 year olds walking to snack.
by GregNet April 17, 2012
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