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(also known as Captain Chigi)

1. The act of voraciously consuming any and all edible materials within sight at all times

2. A pilot who cannot correctly do anything, and only flies to steal food and drink from the air crew

3. A person with uncontrollable eating habits.

4. Usually associated with the words: gross, disgusting, and fat.

5. A fat ass ho that only eats.
Does not know how to do anything but eat.
oh my god, you totally just Chigi'd my lunchbox

that girl over there is so fat, she must be a Chigi

look at her Chigi'ing out on all that food.
by Ms. T May 08, 2008
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In dogs, a hybrid cross between a Chihuahua ("Chi") and a Corgi ("gi").
While Chigis aren't recognized as pure breed dogs by the American Kennel Club, they are included in the list of recognized hybrids by the American Canine Hybrid Club.
by Chigimama January 19, 2008
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