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Chief Brown Tongue refers to an individual who repeatdly partakes in the act of licking and eating the female asshole while wearing an indian headress complimented by the appropriate face makeup. When the individual comes up to take a breather from eating the asshole, a 30 second pow wow is to be had, which is followed by a nosedive right back into the anus
A man who routinely licks so many girls assholes on a daily basis that the pigment color of his tongue turns the color brown. This individual is so highly regarded for his anal licking acts throughout the community, that his friends and peers refer to him solely as Chief Brown Tongue.
by Chief BT March 12, 2010
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One who likes to eat ass hole or chode as a way to satisfy thier partner.
My girlfriend was doing some crazy stripper shit, so I went Chief Brown Tongue on that ass.
by Dr. Billl September 19, 2006
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