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Chicos Blancos Locos (CBL for short) is a street gang found in the Chicago area. In english it means crazy white guys or white boys however you want to put it. With that said, they are a caucasian gang. They're mainly found in an area called The Harlem Corridor which stretches from Interstate 55 to the south and Interstate 90 to the north. The CBL hot spot is at the intersection of Harlem & Grand which is bordered by Chicago east of Harlem and Elmwood Park west of Harlem. They consider themselves neutral and are not part of People or Folk. Their set sign is a C on the left side of their face is the B (because they are white) and L on right side. They also have been known to throw forks up with one hand and forks down with the other which offset each other being that they are neither folk or people. Although most caucasian gangs are considered racist, the CBLs are not a racist gang.
Hey Vato!!! Look at that crazy ass white boy with that flannel with them tattoos and that goatee down to his chest, he must be a Chicos Blancos Locos (CBL)!
by Papi Guero June 19, 2011
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