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A lass, of East Anglian origin, who will sleep with anyone…absolutely anyone, in the hope of getting a bed for the night and bacon Sandwich in the morning! Is also likely to put the kettle on in the bedroom if you ask nice enough.

Will normally perform oral sex with eyes wide open, never, at anypoint, losing eye contact with the recipient! Will perform the John Wane walk when she gets up and out of bed!

She is known to favour the WMD position and is particularly keen on leather jacket (collars up)wearing locals. You can attract a Chicorita if you are a good dancer and she prefers the big box, little box routine made famous in the early 90s.

Chicorita's are often heard saying “its (fill in your name) time” depending on your name. This means you've copped and hit the jackpot!

Gaz's mate to Gaz "Gaz, how did you get on last night with the Chicorita?" Gaz to Gaz's mate "Great thanks, I had to let her do the bacon cos she let me do her eggs! WMD despatched and mission accomplished! I picked the Chicorita up from the queue outside Lidl, she was a little bit yellow and stank of piss!"
by The Allen November 23, 2005
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