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Passed down from generation to generation, chickspotting is the ancient art of spotting the most beautiful young females to walk down the street, or through the village.
Chickspotting has been adapted into several cultures from Indians observing the most attractive females from neighboring tribes, to the English utilizing moving vehicles such as trains or automobiles to improve upon the experience.
The ability to spot chicks varies greatly from person to person, and many believe that the sharp vision of the Indians gave them an unique advantage, only to be surpassed by the English with the invention of the spectacles in 1784.
Using the spectacles, later to be known simply as "glasses", the English gained the ability to spot chicks from afar, and many believe this was the turning point of the century.
Today only few know the history of chickspotting, and to most people it has become second nature.
As Billy ran to the orphanage, he managed to spot a couple of chicks before he was stopped by Mr. Bumble.

To his knowledge, Billy had been chickspotting as far back as he could remember.
by Mr. Robert Paddleton March 29, 2010
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