Cockney rhyming slang for clucking i.e. in severe heroin withdrawal or in fact it is often used for being in withdrawal from any chemical substance - clucking like a chicken.
Oi mate wanna buy a 32 inch custard and jelly (telly) come on mate I'm chicken and ducking I need my one of each (a bag of smack and a bag of crack).
by Constant John February 13, 2009
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A ruthless, deadly monster which hides in strange, pink bushes (known as the "Bushes of Love") to attack it's prey: humans. It's main attacking method is to hide in the Bushes, wait for targets, and ambush whoever walks by. The most famous case was when it attacked Anakin Skywalker and Obi-Wan Kenobi on the planet Tatooine. It repeated it's attack 49 times and is currently still attacking Obi-Wan (Anakin is dead). It hates dogs. Kenobi then gave his story to a Youtube channel known as Bad Lip Reading (BLR), which changed his story into a cool music video. It has a kinship with Seagulls, which are also famous for harassing the Jedi Master Yoda (who coincidently also gave his story to BLR, who turned Yoda's one into another video.)
We all got a Chicken-Duck-Woman-Thing waiting in the Bushes for us.
by Pilgor the Lord of Goats June 10, 2022
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when you don't want to swear but you you need to express how your feeling.

an example would be saying bull shit
that's bull chicken duck frog, I don't think that!
by thatgoatgirl May 11, 2020
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cháo vịt in vietnames
or duck soup
Anh Minh invited everyone to eat and he suggested Chicken Duck.
by ThecatQ September 12, 2023
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Cháo vịt or duck soup
Anh Minh invited his friends to have dinner together and he suggested CHICKEN DUCK or duck soup
by ThecatQ September 12, 2023
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