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Chiadika is a name which originated from the Igbo of tribe of Nigeria meaning God is awesome. Originally meaning God is like with Chi meaning God and Adika meaning "is like". May sound confusing but the Igbos like to translate it as God Is awesome because that's what is God is truly like.

She is beautiful smart crazy with the highest sixth sense . She's outgoing fun to be with and super nice. She daydreams alot about funny, both realistic and unrealistic things and most importantly her future

Dreams about funny things and are always close to God
It is very hard to replace someone like her or find anyone better than her. She's a down to earth person with a great personality . Could be very mean and bitchy to the people she dislikes. A fantastic story teller which makes life seem so interesting as her life stories always crack you up. She never holds grudges and she forgives and forgets. Has her walls built up high and hardly opens up to people. Has trust issues and falls for the wrong guys most of the time while pushing the right ones away. Has big boobs and a pretty okay butt. She's the best friend you'll ever have and do not ever take her for granted cos when you do she'll leave you hanging and move on. Loves to eat junk. Procrastinates alot and is super lazy. She also loves to sing and has a nice voice.Has a nice soul and beautiful personality. Everyone loves her.
Chiadika is so nice
Chiadika is great girl
Do not call her chiamaka her name is chiadika

Chiadika has a nice voice

Chiadika is beautiful
by DelmaπŸ’– March 20, 2017
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A fuck boy who likes to act tough but in reality he's really gay and he's also a fake flexer
Guy 1: What's his name again?

Guy2: chiadika
Guy1: yeah he's gay for sure
by Basketball nigga July 30, 2018
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