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The wonderful and complex game of chichipo.
This is the equivalent to modern day Jinx, only with a twist.
Chichipo was brought to America from Korea, where then a Greek Boy added more to the game.

1) Two people say the same word (or phrase at the same time).
2) Then first (person A) to say ChiChiPo gets to slap the other (person B).
3)But if the other(person B) says SuperCaliFragalisticExpialedocious before person A Can hit him, then Person B can hit Person A.
4) The Phrase Fah-Pah was also later added as a similar tactic as SuperCali.. but instead required a backhand to the other person's head.
5) Then there is "Poop", which both person A and B must say while making eye contact. If this is done, both A and B can now hit person C.
6) But if person C says "Constipation" and creates an "X" with his arms, it is canceled.
Person A and Person B: I'm Hungry.

Person A: ChiChiPo!

Person A hits person B

Person A and Person B: I'm tired.

Person A: ChiChiPo!

Person B: SuperCaliFragalisticExpialedocious

Person B hits Person A.

Person A and Person B: Yo!

Person A and B: POOP!

Both hit person C
by Scoob The Greek October 03, 2010
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