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A Chi-Master is often times the most annoying and stubborn one of the group, usually a philosopher who claims to know or be able to explain "everything" because of the individuals accumulated hours on the internet/wikipedia. A Chi-Master is unwilling to accept others ideas let alone let the other complete a full sentence without barging in with his 100% accurate answer he got off an assorted website. Often times complaining that there are no real philosophers/intellectuals left on this planet except himself, a Chi-Master lives a desolate life of masturbation, and underground article searching. A Chi-Master usually possesses more information/facts then the normal person, but gets it jumbled up during conversation and then tries to play it off by ranting about something else related to the said topic.
"Dude of course its right, I read it off Wikipedia"

After disagreeing with a Chi-Master topic...

"Don't be so so ignorant, try educating yourself before you disagree with me"

One would usually think/say
"...fucking Chi Master bastard.."
by DuckSex August 27, 2008
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