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A person who follows out-of-date trends

- She’s such a cheug! Who still does the renegade?!

-is it a cheugy thing to still dab?

-if you still say “sheeesh” you’re a cheug.
by Gojo’sleftasscheek May 06, 2021
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A person who is extremely weird.
Often reminds you of your middle school self.

Most likely will be spotted wearing juicy couture, and not able to hold a normal conversation.
That girl Piper is such a cheug, did you see the outfit she was wearing? She is so weird!
by Theta girls @cuboulder August 24, 2018
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n. Someone who embodies cheugy energy. They follow out of date trends in fashion, aesthetic, humor, slang, and/or social habits. Often associated with millennials.

Not necessarily an insult but can be.
Wow. She’s wearing uggs AND calls herself a girlboss? Such a cheug.

Side parts and chevron belong to the cheugs.
by 9A & 5B June 03, 2021
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