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he died in 1986, he is still alive in my tits, why wont you bark the dog todd,well when will you be done doing the laundry john cena, back off my cat Kurt Angle,oh so thats why my boots are cold and you are way too affraid for my plate job action figure!!!
god: you know what i am sick of you chet

chet: i like Plate jobz

God:just go to hell already

Chet:george straight is my hero

God:ok chet gadarick, its hell fo you!


Satan: chet bawl to me

Chet: i love you dad

Satan: what fool

Chet: can i scrape your wallet

Satan: god your annoying, your going back on earth!


Chet: what am i going to do now

Mr.Zimmermann: what are you doing chet. we dont do that here! so get over it!
by james franks the 3rd February 26, 2005
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