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One of the best towns ever. Marquette High School is one of the highest ranking schools in the state and the students (the mustangs) are even better. We are not preppy as we are well aware that we do not live on the east or west coast. But we do have style and class and cannot abide by anyone who is missing one or the other.

Our houses are big and lush—perfect for when our parents go out of town and we want to have a killer party. Booze is no problem because older alumni swing by while on vacation from mizzou, slu, purdue, maryville, truman, nyu, or northwestern. Other times our parents are happy to leave us some spirits before they go on their tenth vacation of the year.

We have the best GPA's and coincidentily, the highest blood-alcohol levels. Perhaps science got it wrong. Our football team has sucked since 2004 and it will probably never improve until someone wakes up and starts recruiting those inner-city kids. Man, they are good.

We have two malls: West County and Chesterfield. Both of them are overrun by 12 and 13-year old girls who were dropped off by their parents in five-minute intervals and travel in groups of up to five. The second biggest group is young, black gay boys who stopped going to galleria (closer to where they live) because of all the gang violence and ghettoness. The Galleria use to be such a good mall. Sigh.

Behind them are the local skaters and punks who dont buy anything; they just bump into people with jobs and purchases to the annoyance and regret of everyone.

The last group of patrons are o fallon, wentzville, st. charles, and defiance hosiers who refuse to stay at their mall, that crapfest mid rivers. Instead they come here and pose like their from west county but really their from these three bedroom ranches/trailors going west on 40. Please don't cross that bridge, please!

West County people are really nice so long as you too have a west county address: this includes Chesterfield, Town and Country, Ballwin, Des Peres, and Creve Couer. Ladue and Clayton are near the city and do not count. Plus they're jewish, so they really do not count.

Admittedly there is not a lot of diversity here and we'd like to keep it the way: crime will stay down and house values will stay up. I hope Barack Obama's tax credit won't ruin a good thing.

There may not always be a whole lot to do here except shop and eat, but if you're not a complete loser, your friends and you will always come up with something, whether its cruising Manchester, going to the bluffs to see the trains(the best thing ever), hanging out at Vlasis Park down route from Quicktrip, or getting a hotel at the Drury to party it up just because you can.
(Boy) Hey, What are you doing tonight?

(Girl) Staying in Chesterfield Mo to study, get smashed, and throw beer bottles into the lake at Marquette high school.

(Boy) Sounds fun.
by Diceyrose March 13, 2009
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