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White Baby Boomers who are obsessed with Native American culture.

Favorite hobbies include:
hosting drum circles, making chamomile tea, dancing with wolves

Cherohonkees have a unique type of white guilt (usually associated with black slavery). They share the Native American's respect for Mother Earth and feel frustrated by the moral and spiritual shortcomings of their own people. Unable to identify with WASP culture and heritage, Cherohonkees have an inherent aversion to argyle sweaters, chipped beef, and khakis.
"Yo. Check out the Cherohonkee basket weaving class."
"Yeah, but they're so in touch with Mother Earth it makes my heart sing."
by Glenn Baker March 25, 2008
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Cherokee Indian redneck that drives a subura and gets money of the reservation but isn't really Indian at all
by Dmoneyssss July 02, 2017
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