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chef·al·i·a chehf-tahl-ee-ahh


1. A unit of measurement that is equivalent to three adult male fingers not including the large knuckles or any corresponding joint or part of the body past the first knuckle.

2. The form of measurement used to describe how much mass is needed to fit the volume of a woman's orifice.
3. A word used with as heavy of an Cypriot accent as possible.

plural: Cheftalies
"Alex, how many cheftalies do you think she can handle?"
"hmm... about 2 deep easy, with an extra digit"


"Wow I didn't think she could handle a cheftalia in the ass like that, but she did!"


(When a cypriot person is passing you and you may or may not want to mock their accent so you say "cheftalia", instead for the lyrics of "Dinata Dinata")
by Tsongas4Ever August 12, 2011
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