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A slang term for pornography or 'porn'. Can be used to disguise embarrassment that can be evoked when saying "porn". However, not a very widespread term, however Cheeswizz is becoming more popular.

Co-incidentally, Cheesewizz is also an American dairy product. It consists of a cheesy spread, that can be used for sandwiches and dips etc. Retail price is roughly $5.00, quite a bargain.
Dude 1: "Jake, send me the cheesewizz."
Dude 2: "Ok then"

Dude 1: "Bro I just saw the new cheesewizz!"
Dude 2: "Oh sweet man, how is it?"

Dude 1: "Oh my days, Zach Best made a new cheesewizz!"
Dude 2: "Awesome!"
by Solid Brickway December 31, 2009
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