Being the victim of others when your enemies are armed with cheese puffs. There is little to no damage in cheese puffing incidents, but you will have to watch where you walk for a 5 foot radius around the location of where it happened.
I was walking out to my car from work today, and these three guys just popped up out of nowhere and totally cheese puffed me! I shall get my revenge...with the delicate art of reverse paparazzi.
by Equalizer92 October 22, 2010
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cheese puffing or cheese puffed, is when someone is either super tired, or "cashed out" from the night before, mostly from drinking, or possibly doing drugs! kind of like a hangover
me: yo look at that dude, he is totally cheese puffing

friend: no kidding, he must of had a rough night!

friend#2: I was cheese puffed a couple morning's ago, not the greatest feeling! ,
by yelramassylakehcayub11 March 5, 2012
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