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Slave of the colossus named Earl. Found deep in the waters of the Trout River, often in the search for food. The creature known as cheekz lurks about the Trout River searching for his nemesis known to the world as Neil, so that he might smite him in a tag team boxing match.
"Wading through the trout river, I came across a creature, a creature of large ass."

"And much to my amazement, the Creature was Cheekz."
by The Propagandist May 21, 2006
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A person nicknamed cheekz has big adorable (face) cheeks and usually has a baby face; Cheekz is the sweetest person you'll ever encounter because she/he makes everyone smile cheek to cheek.
Did you Cheekz the other day, she gave everyone a hug and made my day.
I swear Cheekz the sweetest man!
Cheekz you make me smile cheek to cheek.
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by Cheekzzzz May 22, 2018
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