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Cheegan (Chicken, Cheese, Vegan) - a start up diet plan which encompasses all necessary nutrients for a healthy, well-balanced human diet.

Cheegans eat chicken products, cheese (no more than 2 oz. a week), and adds the vegan diet.

Half of the Cheegan diet is vegan food while they include chicken products to receive ample protein to create a well-balanced diet.

While this diet is new, it is growing each day. The epicenter of the movement started in two places, Lawrence, KS and Portland, OR. Cheegan meals have become more common on menus throughout the United States, but the biggest supporter of the movement is Chick-fil-a.

All KC BBQ is okay to eat too.
I started the Cheegan diet last week. I feel healthy and I am also helping the environment because I am not supporting cattle farming which is destroying the environment! GO CHEEGANS!
by WildCree December 29, 2015
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A portmanteau of the words cheese and vegan. Cheegans are people who feel compelled to eat responsibly and ethically but are too weak-willed to forgo their love of dairy products.
Heather: I'm starting a new trend called cheegan. It's where you take any vegan recipe and smother it in cheese. It's gonna be the next big thing. Are you in?

Joe: Totes.
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Someone that claims to be a Vegan but eats meat when nobody's looking.
That girls brags about being a Vegan but we all know she's nothing more than a Cheegan when she's home alone.
by Trischey September 14, 2012
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