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Definition a: the supreme combination of cheddar and lettuce yielding beautiful, luscious locks.
Note: Luscious ginger flow may be referred to as lettuce or cheddar, but definitely not Chedduce. A more politically correct alternative we like to use is known as a "cabbage patch."

Definition b: the utmost corner of a net, whether it be lacrosse or hockey, where a projected object (ball or puck) absolutely stings both pipe and twine simultaneously. This cream-worthy occurrence may cause the following: approval from the opposing team's players/goalie/head coach, scouting offers, sexual arousal, hard nipples, etc.
Example a:

Bates: Quinton's flow honestly has the best grease to volume ratio.
Prescott: That's because it's Chedduce bro.

Example b:

Branton: The Thompson brothers spank Chedduce like it's there job.
Clay: Yeah they're chedslayers for sure pal.
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